Derbyshire Dales

In the Peak District National Park you can also find the beautiful Derbyshire Dales in the White Peak area. One evening, whilst walking along Wolfscote Dale, I wondered how many Derbyshire Dales there were in the Peak District, so I counted them!

Here’s my list of Derbyshire Dales, based on counting via the Ordnance Survey map. If you think I’ve missed one (or two) let me know in the comments 🙂

The list is in alphabetical order, I’ve put the nearest village location and for walks that I have on the website I’ve added links. More routes to come soon!

Please note, not every dale is accessible for walks, some dales run through a road (R) and some appear to have no paths (NP). Also, although there are other ‘dales’ further north in the Peak District, e.g. Cave Dale near Castleton, this isn’t part of the ‘Derbyshire Dales’. (Yes, confusing!)

Oh, and to answer your question, I counted 53 Derbyshire Dales!

Rocky paths on Chee Dale walk

Chee Dale

Sluice gates along Bradford Dale walk

Bradford Dale

Looking back across Long Dale in Peak District

Long Dale

a-z list

Dale name Nearest village/town
Ashwood Dale (R) Buxton
Back Dale Chelmorton
Beresford Dale Alstonefield + Hartington
Biggin Dale Alstonefield + Hartington
Bradford Dale Middleton
Brierlow Dale Chelmorton
Bullhay Dale Chelmorton
Cales Dale Monyash
Chee Dale Taddington
Coombs Dale Stoney Middleton
Cow Dale (R) King Sterndale
Cressbrook Dale Litton
Cunning Dale Buxton
Dam Dale Peak Forest
Deep Dale Sheldon + Ashford-in-the-Water
Deep Dale King Sterndale
Dove Dale Ilam + Thorpe
Doveholes Dale Dove Holes
Dowel Dale Earl Sterndale
Eaton Dale  Parwich/Tissington
Eyam Dale (R) Stoney Middleton
Flag Dale Wormhill
Glutton Dale (R) Earl Sterndale
Gratton Dale Elton
Great Rocks Dale (R) King Sterndale
Green Dale (NP) Little Hucklow
Hall Dale Milldale
Hay Dale (R) Monsal Head
Hay Dale Peak Forest
High Dale Taddington
Horseshoe Dale Chelmorton
Intake Dale (NP) Little Hucklow
Kidtor Dale King Sterndale
Kirk Dale (R) Ashford in the Water
Lathkill Dale Monyash + Over Haddon
Lin Dale Thorpe
Linden Dale Foolow
Long Dale Elton
Middleton Dale (R) Stoney Middleton
Mill Dale (R) Milldale
Miller’s Dale Litton/Tideswell
Monk’s Dale Tideswell
Monsal Dale Monsal Head
Peter Dale Peak Forest
Ricklow Dale Monyash
Silly Dale Foolow
Standlow Dale (NP) Little Hucklow
Taddington Dale Taddington
Tansley Dale Litton
Tideswell Dale Tideswell
Water-cum Jolly Dale Monsal Head
Wolfscote Dale Alstonefield + Hartington
Woo Dale King Sterndale
Wye Dale King Sterndale

latest Derbyshire Dales walks

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