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Here you can find all the walks on the Peak District website. Simply click the walk, hills or location you want to do and it will bring up all the walks for that option.

Please get in touch if there’s a walk you would like to do but can’t see it on the list at peakdistrictwalkuk@gmail.com

Happy hiking 🙂

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I’m busy adding walks to the website but if there’s a place you want to go and can’t see it on the list please get in touch at peakdistrictwalksuk@gmail.com. And if you are waiting for a walk then give me a nudge and I’ll prioritise it for you!

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Are you feeling overwhelmed about which walk to choose?

How about scroll through our walk guides depending on the type of walk you enjoy. We have different walks if you like waterfalls, exploring caves or maybe scrambling routes.

Check out out guides here to help you find what you’re looking for.

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More information on the Peak District, including transport options, where to stay, best Peak District pubs + other useful resources.

Check out the 7 YHAs in the Peak District and find the best walks direct from your accommodation.

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Top tips - Read our useful guides on hiking tips here.

Guided Walks with an introduction to map reading (see dates here).

Visit our hiking recommendations page, (footwear, clothes + kit).

Or get in touch and I will help as best I can :).

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Are you new to hiking? Read our hiking guides with tips on common questions and questions for when you’re first starting out walking.

Here you feel confident when you go on your first Peak District walk.

Have a question? Get in touch and we’ll look to create a hiking guide to answer it for you.

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