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Damflask Reservoir Easy Walk From Low Bradfield | 4-Mile Route

Damflask Reservoir easy walk

Are you looking for a lovely short easy route in the Peak District? This walk around Damflask Reservoir from Low Bradfield would be perfect for you. Starting in the small village of Low Bradfield, our walk takes you alongside Damflask Reservoir for an easy circular route up to the top and around so you complete […]

Reservoir Walk (Plus Emlin Ridge + Kirk Edge Trigs) | From Low Bradfield | 10-Mile Route

Emlin Ridge trig point walk

Here we’ve created a lovely 10-mile route to tick off both Emlin Ridge and Kirk Edge trig points from Low Bradfield in the South Yorkshire part of the Peak District. We also have options to shorten or extend this walk, so keep reading! However, if you don’t fancy the hills, then you can opt to […]

9 Trig Walks For Trig Baggers (Walks with Multiple Trigs)

Revidge trig point in Peak District

Lots of you are taking on our Trig Point Challenge which is brilliant. It’s lovely to see so many people exploring more areas of the beautiful Peak District and ticking trigs off along the way! For those of you that have set yourself an additional challenge, maybe completing in a year or as quick as you can, […]

Alport Castles, Grinah Stones (Bleaklow) + Derwent Reservoir Long Walk | 17-Mile Route

Grinah Stones on Bleaklow

It’s been a while since we added a long walk for you. This route is one that over 200 people requested via Instagram so here you go! This long walk begins from Fairholmes near Derwent Dam and Reservoir, first it takes you uphill along to Alport Castles with beautiful views of this huge landslide. Then […]

Mount Famine + South Head Walk From Hayfield | 7-Mile Route

Cloud inversion and Peak District hills

This walk is a must-do route. You may not have heard of Mount Famine or South Head, they certainly aren’t as popular as Mam Tor, Win Hill or Kinder Scout but you won’t be disappointed! This 7-mile route begins from Hayfield and heads along the Pennine Bridleway before the uphill to reach Mount Famine, which […]

7 Peak District Challenges for 2023

Everyone loves a good challenge, well, I think they do! A challenge is a very personal thing, what’s challenging to one person may not be for someone else, which is the great thing about setting yourself a challenge. That’s why I’ve come up with 7 Peak District Challenges for you to take on in 2023 […]

8 Best Christmas Day + Boxing Day Winter Walks in the Peak District

Snowy hike

One wonderful way you can spend Christmas Day or Boxing Day is with a lovely winter walk in the Peak District. It’s a great way to enjoy your Christmas with friends and family, as well as getting an outdoors fix too. Winter walks do take additional planning so to save you the job I’ve picked […]

Padley Gorge, Higger Tor + Stanage Edge Walk From Hathersage | 12-Mile Route

Surprise View walk from Hathersage

Another one of those walks with a variety of different scenery along the way, from riverside, woodlands and open land you have a mix of everything on this stunning walk from Hathersage. The walk initially takes you along the trail alongside the beautiful River Derwent which then subsequently leads to Grindleford Station (another option for […]

11 Best Places To See Heather in the Peak District

Pink heather and stream

Heather in the Peak District is a must-see natural beauty. From mid July the heather flowers begin to bloom and by August the Peak District is covered in many places with a beautiful pinky purple blanket. The heather sticks around until mid September so you have a two-month window to plan a walk to enjoy […]