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Here at Peak District headquarters we are often thinking up new and fun challenges to complete!

Ok, I admit it, it’s Becky, I’m the one that loves a good challenge! There are couple of reasons, it is a great way to motivate myself, I loved the feeling of accomplishment and finally, it’s a wonderful way of exploring somewhere new!

That’s where our Trig Challenge came from, created by Ben Hales and I know many of you have found it great way of exploring the Peak District National Park.

The idea behind this challenge was aimed at giving everyone something fun to do in January, because we know how hard it is after Christmas!

The A to Z Challenge is something you can start planning now, grab a pen and paper and write A to Z then see how many places you can come up with that you want to visit in the Peak District!

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a to z ideas

There are so many places in the Peak District and loads of options to tick off every letter the A to Z Challenge but here I’ve included a few of my favourite places to give you some inspiration for your walks!

A is for Alderman’s Hill

Located in the north of the Peak District Alderman’s Hill has amazing views over Dovestone Reservoir. Check out our walk here and maybe you can spot a few other letters your could tick off!

B is for Baslow Edge

Baslow Edge is not far from Baslow! It’s a lovely short walk but it’s totally worth the hike up and you might even spot some Highland Cows on your walk too. Read our different options walks along Baslow Edge here.

C is for Castleton

A classic place to start a walk in the Peak District, Castleton in Derbyshire is a great place to visit for a day or spend a weekend there’s plenty to do! Read all our walks from Castleton here.

D is for Dovedale

Dovedale is a beautiful Peak District walk, another one of the classic must-do ones! It can get busy during the summer months so why not visit on a winter walk! Read our route here.

E is for Edale

Another lovely village, with the bonus of two pubs too N for Nags Head and R for Ramblers Inn, if you fancy ticking off E, N and R on one trip!

Edale is accessible by either train or car so a perfect place to start a walk – Read our 8 awesome walks from Edale here and pick one to suit you!

F is for Foolow

Have you heard of Foolow? It’s a lovely village in the Peak District, complete with a fab pub too!

G is for Goyt Valley

The Goyt Valley is located in both the Derbyshire and Cheshire part of the Peak Distrct, it’s a beautiful place to explore. Check out our walk here up to Shining Tor and the Goyt Valley

H is for Higgor Tor

Higgor Tor walk is a short distance from Upper Burbage car park and you can do a lovely loop, it’s also a great place to watch the sunset from! Check out our sunset walks here.

I is for Iron Age Fort

Did you know that Mam Tor used to be an Iron Age Fort? But there are also a couple more places in the Peak District that used to be Iron Age Forts, maybe you can do some detective work to find them!

J is for Jacob’s Ladder

For those of you that haven’t heard of Jacob’s Ladder, don’t worry, it isn’t an actual ladder! But it’s a great route up to Kinder Scout… oh and look which letter we have for K. See our Kinder Scout walks via Jacob’s Ladder here.

K is for Kinder Scout

Kinder Scout is the highest point in the Peak District. Did you know that Kinder Low trig point is NOT the official summit? But it does make a great place to celebrate the top!

Did you know we have a Kinder Scout charity patch too. Buy yours here!

L is for Lose Hill

Lose Hill is one to tick off your list if you’ve not done it yet. A walk along the Great Ridge from Mam Tor is one of those classic Peak District Walks.

And you get to tick off B for Back Tor, G for Great Ridge, H for Hollins Cross, L for Lose Hill and of course, M for Mam Tor. Check out our favourite Great Ridge walk here.

M is for Mam Tor

Mam Tor is THE most popular Peak District walk, but it’s a fab view so you’ll see why. There’s a walking routes for everyone, from a fab short stroll (with a bit of uphill) to the biggest the Edale Skyline! But whatever distance you enjoy, there’ll be an option for you.

Read here – 10 best walks up Mam Tor

N is for Nine Ladies

Have you visited the Nine Ladies yet? It’s another great walk and our Stanton Moor route which includes a couple of trigs too! Check it out here!

O is for Odin Mine

Depending on the route you select for the Mam Tor walk then you might detour past Odin Mine!

P is for Plug hole (Ladybower Reservoir)

The plug hole is an overflow at the top of Ladybower Reservoir, it’s not often talked about apart from when it’s overflowing then it looks pretty cool!

Q is for Quiet Woman

You might be wondering where or what the Quiet Woman is! Well, it’s a pub in Earl Sterndale, yes, you can include pubs, cafes and restaurants in this fun challenge!

Earl Sterndale is the perfect places to start a walk up to Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill, read the route here.

R is for River Lathkill

The River Lathkill runs through Lathkill Dale and it’s a wonderful place to explore, complete with a pretty waterfall this is haven for nature lovers, especially in the Spring months. 

S is for Shutlingsloe

Known as the Matterhorn of Cheshire, Shutlingsloe, complete with a trig point this is a lovely hill to hike to the top of. Add it to your list!

T is for Thor’s Cave

One of the biggest caves that you can explore without a guide in the Peak District! From Wetton, you have a choice of two lovely walks, both on the website! 

U is for Underground Caves

Speaking of caves (Thor’s Cave as letter T) there are a few caves in the Peak District that you can explore on your walks. Check out our 7 walks with caves here!

V is for Visitor Centre

There are couple of Visitor Centres in the Peak District, one in Castleton and another in Edale too. Can you think of another letter V in the Peak District? Maybe a shop or tearoom?

W is for Win Hill

Win Hill with stunning views over Ladybower Reservoir is another must-do walk. And did you know we have a Win Hill patch too!

X is for O’X’ Stones Trig

Ox Stones, ok technically an O but it’s the best we can think of! Are you doing our trig challenge? Then you might have heard of this one, if not then check out the Trig Point page for a map of all the trigs.

Y is for Yellow Meadow Coral

Can you tell I’m struggling, but this is the fun part of the challenge, make your own rules, I spotted some Yellow Meadow Coral (which is a fungi) on a walk up to Lantern Pike a few weeks ago! 

Do you have a better place for the letter Y?

Z is for Great Twi’Z’le Head

This is the best Z I have at the moment, who can come up with something better! And sadly, I’ve not visited, I’ll have to add it to my list!

Wondering where it is, it’s north of the Peak District, close to Yateholme Reservoir, oh there’s a better letter Y!

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