Grindslow Knoll (via Ringing Roger) Walk From Edale | 5.5-Mile Route

Views from the top of Grindsbrook Clough

There are so many hikes you can do from Edale village, it’s difficult to choose which walk to do! This route hiking up to Grindslow Knoll takes you up along the edge of Kinder plateau via Ringing Roger then round to the summit. It’s a beautiful route as you can see the summit in the […]

Rushup Edge + Mam Tor Walk From Barber Booth | 6-Mile Route

Rushup Edge walk with hiking boots

Rushup Edge walk is a wonderful day out, you get to experience the Peak District from up high and on a clear day, it means you have the best views. Of course, with great views, there also comes a bit of a climb so be sure to pack plenty of water for this walk. The […]

8 Beautiful Short Walks in the Peak District

Views from Back Tor

Whether you are new to hiking or simply limited on time, these short walks in the Peak District are perfect for everyone to enjoy. Of course, at the moment, with the UK being in a lockdown we’re not able to go hiking just yet, but hopefully, very soon we will be back again. Here you […]

Robin Hood’s Stride From Elton | 4.5-Mile Route

Robin Hood's Stride walk Peak District

Looking for a beautiful short walk to do in the Peak District? The Robin Hood’s Stride walk is perfect for everyone to enjoy, pretty scenery and fun things to explore on the way, including Robin Hood’s Stride, Cratcliffe Rocks and the Hermit’s Cave! Here you will find details on how to get to the start […]

Rushup Edge Short Walk From Barber Booth | 5-Mile Route

Rushup Edge walk in Peak District

Rushup Edge is a wonderful Peak District walk. I tend to find that this side of the ridge is much quieter than more popular Mam Tor and the Great Ridge. The wonderful thing about walking along Rushup Edge is you can enjoy beautiful views of the valleys either side, to the villages of Edale and […]

Grindslow Knoll (via Grindsbrook Clough) Short Walk from Edale | 4-Mile Route

Grindslow Knoll hill short walk Peak District

There are many walks you can do from the beautiful village of Edale and Grindslow Knoll is just one of them! Grindslow Knoll is away from the main path of Kinder plateau so it can often get missed out if you’re doing a long walk. But it’s a great hill to hike with amazing views […]

Alport Castles Walk From Ladybower Reservoir (Fairholmes) | 10-Mile Route

Alport Castles Peak District

Alport Castles walk is a great route from Ladybower Reservoir, with a mix of beautiful views, streams and woodlands. There are many walking routes heading in the other direction, taking you around Ladybower Reservoir and Derwent Dam so this walk to Alport Castles is a quieter option. Here you will find details on how to […]

Burbage Edge, Padley Gorge + Higgor Tor Walk From Upper Burbage | 8-Mile Route

Burbage Edge walk in Peak District

This great walk in the Peak District takes in many highlights without having to hike too many miles! It takes on the highs of Burbage Edge, Over Owler Tor and Higgor Tor towards the beginning and end of the walk. Then there’s a great low-level section through the Longshaw Estate, including Padley Gorge. Here you […]

Edale Skyline Walk From Hope | 20-Mile Route

Views from Kinder Scout on Edale Skyline walk

The ultimate long-distance walk in the Peak District has to be the Edale Skyline. The Edale Skyline is a well known fell running race but of course, you can do it as a long-distance walk too! It takes you along the ridges and hills high above Edale village. Although the route can be started from […]

Chee Dale Walk From Miller Dale | 5-Mile Route

Chee Dale stepping stones walk

One of my favourite places to walk in the Peak District Chee Dale in the White Peaks Area. The Chee Dale walk is hidden beneath the Monsal Trail and a wonderful place for a short walk with a few hidden secrets. There’s a hub of wildlife and nature on this short stretch along the River […]