Peak District Ethels list

Created by the Peak District and South Yorkshire Countryside Charity, in 2021, there’s another challenge for all you peak baggers out there!

The ‘Ethels’ – named after Ethel Haythornthwaite. 

You can read more about Ethel here.

The Countryside Charity have put together brilliant list of Peak District hills for you to visit and explore more of the Peak District, similar to our Peak District Trig Challenge.

In total, the Peak District Ethels list has 95 hills, tors, edges and trigs. It includes every hill over 400 m in the Peak District (including Mam Tor, Kinder Scout, Shining Tor), as well as some other lower iconic Peak District hills (including Thorpe Cloud, Parkhouse Hill).

Plus a few extra bonus hills that sit outside of the Peak District boundary.

You can download the ‘Ethel Ready’ App for a full list of the hills, including the height, grid reference and other information about the hill. The App is available for for android and iPhones.

Why not complete both the Trig and Ethel Challenge? If you fancy a double challenge you can combine them. Our list of 88 trigs includes 35 Ethels so by doing the Trig challenge you’re ticking off over a third of the Ethels too. Search our routes here with Trigs and Ethels included.

Parkhouse Hill

Parkhouse Hill

Winhill Pike trig point

Win Hill trig point

Lose Hill summit, walk from Castleton_Peak District_Castleton in the Peak District

Lose Hill

a-z list

Here’s the A-Z list of the Peak District ‘Ethels’.

Please note, similar with the Trig Point Challenge some of these locations are on private land (marked with a P) so you’ll need to ask permission before visiting. Read more about here for more information.

I’ve added the walks that we have routes for on the website so you can visit and tick off :).

  1. Aleck Low (trig) (P)
  2. Alphin Pike (trig)
  3. Alport Moor
  4. Ashway Moss
  5. Axe Edge Moor (trig)
  6. Back Tor – Derwent Edge (trig)
  7. Black Chew Head
  8. Black Edge – Combs Moss
  9. Black Hill (Holme Moss trig)
  10. Black Hill – Whaley Moor
  11. Blakelow Hill – Bonsall Moor (trig) (P)
  12. Bleaklow Head
  13. Bole Hill – Burton Moor (trig) (P)
  14. Bolehill – Cromford Moor (trig)**
  15. Bradwell Moor (trig)
  16. Britland Edge Hill
  17. Brown Knoll (trig)
  18. Burbage Edge – Goyt’s Moss (trig)
  19. Burton Bole – Shatton Moor
  20. Carder Low
  21. Cats Tor
  22. Cheeks Hill
  23. Chelmorton Low
  24. Chinley Churn (trig) (P)
  25. Chrome Hill
  26. Combs Head
  27. Corbar Hill (trig)**
  28. Cown Edge
  29. Croker Hill**
  30. Crook Hill
  31. Dead Edge End (trig)
  32. Durham Edge – Abney Moor (trig) (P)
  33. Eccles Pike**
  34. Ecton Hill (trig)
  35. Eldon Pike
  36. Featherbed Moss (trig)
  37. Featherbed Top
  38. Fin Cop
  39. Foxlow Edge 
  40. Gautries Hill (P)
  41. Grin Low**
  42. Grindslow Knoll
  43. Gun (trig)
  44. Harboro Rocks (trig)**
  45. Harland Edge – Beeley Moor (trig)
  46. Harthill Moor (trig)
  47. Hen Cloud
  48. Higgor Tor
  49. High Edge
  50. High Neb – Stanage Edge (trig)
  51. High Stones – Howden Edge 
  52. High Wheeldon (trig)
  53. Higher Shelf Stones (trig)
  54. Hollins Hill
  55. Kinder Scout (Kinder Low trig)
  56. Lantern Pike (trig)
  57. Lees Moor
  58. Longstone Moor
  59. Lord’s Seat – Rushup Edge
  60. Lose Hill
  61. Lost Lad 
  62. Mam Tor (trig)
  63. Margery Hill (trig)
  64. Merryton Low (Blake Mere trig)
  65. Mill Hill
  66. Minninglow (P)
  67. Mount Famine
  68. Musden Low (trig)
  69. Oliver Hill
  70. Parkhouse Hill
  71. Pilsbury Hill
  72. Ramshaw Rocks
  73. Revidge
  74. Shining Tor (trig)
  75. Shutlingsloe (trig)
  76. Sir William Hill – Eyam Moor (trig)
  77. Slitherstone Hill (P)
  78. Snailsden Pike End (trig)
  79. Sough Top – Taddington Moor (trig) (P)
  80. South Head
  81. Sponds Hill (trig)
  82. Stanedge Pole
  83. Stanton Moor (Moor Plantations trig)
  84. The Cloud (trig)**
  85. The Roaches (trig)
  86. Thorpe Cloud 
  87. Tissington Hill (trig)**
  88. Wardlow Hay Cop (trig)
  89. West Nab (trig)
  90. Wetton Hill 
  91. Whetstone Ridge
  92. White Low
  93. White Path Moss (Stanage Edge trig)
  94. Win Hill (trig)
  95. Wolfscote Hill (trig)

**These hills and trigs are just on the outskirts of the Peak District National Park border which is why they aren’t included in the 88 Trig Point Challenge. But still beautiful to visit :).

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