11 Things To Do When You CAN’T Go Hiking!

Becky Angell

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Whilst the UK is being battered by storms from the Atlantic, Dudley and Eugine, I guess we won’t forget those names! You may feel frustrated that you can’t go out hiking. Or maybe that’s me as I was planning on starting the Pennine Way on Friday (yes, I couldn’t have picked a worse day!)

But don’t worry, I’m here with useful suggestions for things to do when you can’t go hiking. These are aimed at making sure you don’t do boring house jobs and do something else more fun! You’ll notice they do have a hiking theme to them! Keep yourself tucked up warm and safe whilst these storms misbehave and check out these ideas for things to do.

Pop any other ideas in the comments of things you might be planning to do.

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11 things to do when you can’t go hiking

Plan your next hike

Peak District Walks website

I did say these ideas were going to have a hiking theme so firstly, now’s a great time to research where you want to go hiking when you can! There are so many amazing walks to do in the Peak District and other parts of the UK so spend the day checking out walks to do.

  • Search the website – we have nearly 100 different walks on the website, varying from 2 to 23 miles in length so loads of great ideas for walks.
  • Scroll on our Instagram @peakdistrictwalkuk – you’ll find plenty of gorgeous photos and the walks to go with them.

Did you know you can search for walks via the website by searching distance, location, mileage or walks. And now you can also search for Trig walks, Ethel walks and even stile-free walks!

Set yourself a training schedule

It might not be a storm that’s stopped you from hiking right now, so how about drafting a training programme for when you can start hiking again. This about what distance walks you’d like to do and create a training plan that includes a mix of walks and strength work too.

Upgrade or buy new kit

Hiking at Winnats Pass in January

Take a look at your hiking kit, what items do you really need new ones for, maybe it’s your first hiking backpack or maybe you want to switch to a lighter pack. Now’s a great time to research online for the best deals and ask different forums for their best tips.

Order that pair of gaiters you keep meaning to buy, essential kit item for winter and those incredibly muddy hikes (I have these Trekmates ones and they are fab)! Or maybe a new pair of hiking poles or tripod (I’ve just ordered this new one and it’s a thumbs up) for capturing all those memories

Order some Peak District maps

Do you have maps for the Peak District? Now’s the time to pop on Amazon and get those ordered for adventure planning! It’s so much easier to plan where you want to visit in the Peak District using the big maps at home. The Active maps are great because you don’t need to use with a map case in bad weather.

There are 2 maps for the Peak District, check them out here.

Sort out all your hiking photos

Sunset views at Wolfscote Dale

If you’re like me you take loads of photos, but maybe they are all in a mess on your phone. Take some time to sort your favourites out, maybe share them on social media or even get them printed to put around your home! 

Or you could get some printed as gifts for friends or family, they’d make a lovely present. We have a few more Peak District gift ideas here if you have a birthday coming up.

Buy new or repair your hiking clothes

As well as you hiking kit also check out your clothes, maybe those hiking boots need replacing or maybe they just need new laces. Do you have the clothes to suit the conditions you want to hike in? Maybe you started walking in the summer months and need more suitable clothes for hiking all year round.

There are plenty of places that you can pick second-hand gear too, worth checking out Facebook group or local selling sites for things you’re looking for.

Sell any old kit you don’t need or use

If you’re looking to upgrade or buy new kit consider if you also have items that you can sell or donate to charity? You could also ask any friends if they have things they need, sometimes that’s all they might need to get them into hiking!

Find some more hiking inspiration on social media

Social media has its pros and cons but for hiking inspiration it’s pretty fab for getting ideas of where to go next hike. Instagram is great for getting ideas and you can click SAVE on each post and create your own folder of places you want to visit.

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Book a ‘Guided Walk with map reading’

Our Guided walk with introduction to map reading up to Kinder Scout

A shameless plug here for our awesome guided walks with an introduction to map reading. If you’re new to hiking or simply want to learn some new skills then these walks are perfect for you.

Read more here about our Guided Walks.

Learn some new skills

Silva compasses

Our guided walks with map reading are awesome but you can also pick up a few new skills for reading a map and using a compass via YouTube. Go search and see what you can find. Let us know in the comments if you have any good recommendations!

If you don’t already have a compass maybe it’s time to invest in one too!

Guided walks bonus – If you’re booking one of our Guided walk with map reading then you can order a compass and map from the website and we’ll bring along on the walk!

Plan a long-distance trail

Becky finishing the Pennine Way in summer 2021

These take a fair bit of planning and researching so if you’ve ever fancied hiking a long-distance trail then now is a great time to start planning!

I’ve hiked a few long distance trails, a couple that go via the Peak District including the Pennine Way (Edale to Standedge section) and the Derwent Valley Heritage Trail from Ladybower Reservoir to Derby, as well as hoping on and off various sections of the Limestone Way, Peak District Boundary Walk and Pennine Bridleway

Order the trail books and maybe see what Facebook Groups there are to join!

And lastly, rest

There’s nothing wrong with chilling on the sofa and doing absolutely nothing. Let your body enjoy a few days off, treat yourself to a bubble bath. And although I know I’m not very good at doing this, I know it’s good for me!

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