Stanage Edge Walk From Redmires Reservoir | 13-Mile Route (Trig Walk)

Stanage Edge walk in Peak District

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Many of the Peak District’s most iconic places are home to a trig pillar, including the famous Stanage Edge walk. This circular walk contains three trig points (Rod Moor, Ox Stones and Stanage Edge trigs) around the Hallam Moorland to the northeast of Stanage and along the edge itself.

This is the first in a series of trig point walks, which allows you to explore a whole different side of the Peak District. Ticking off all 88 trig points as you go!

Beginning from the Upper Redmires Reservoir, head north toward Rod Moor to bag your first trig atop the small rugged area of Access Land. Dropping from the moor you turn south and descend to the Wyming Brook Nature Reserve, around the head of the Rivelin Reservoir.

Then through the charming woodland along Wyming Brook before walking around lower of the three Redmires Reservoirs. From here walk around to the foot of Rud Hill to the corner of the Lady Canning’s Plantation and the fantastic Ox Stones plus trig number two.

Turning west across the moorland path you pass Upper Burbage Bridge then up to the third trig on Stanage Edge. Following the edge north, you will see the distinctive Stanedge Pole in the distance.

Stanage Pole
Stanage Pole boundary marker

When the paths diverge you can also tick off this Intersected Station point. It is used by the Ordnance Survey as a point of reference before dropping back down to the Redmires Reservoirs to end your walk.

Here you will find details on how to get to the start of the walk, route information, map, GPX, plus a detailed step by step guide of the walk.

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Stanage Edge Trig Route from Redmires Reservoir

Stanage Edge trig point
Stanage Edge trig point

Walk information

Walk type: Long circular walk

Distance: 12.6 miles/20.3 km

Walk time: 5.5 – 6.5 hours

Total ascent: 529 m/1,733 ft

Highest point: 457 m/1,499 ft

Walk highlights: Head Stone, Rod Moor trig, Wyming Brook Nature Reserve, Ox Stones, Stanage Edge, Robin Hood’s Cave and Stanage Pole

Trig points: 3 or 4 – Rod Moor, Ox Stones + Stanage Edge (option to add High Neb)

Stiles: 2

gpx file

Stanage Edge walk map

Peak District trig point map
Trig point map

*Please note after Rod Moor trig the gate on the Open Access Land has been replaced with barbed wire fence so you’ll need to retrace your steps back to the road. OS Map link, GPX file and route instructions have the updated route – map shows old route above.

Click for OS online map

Walk start point

Start grid reference: SK 25667 85645

Car parking address: Redmires Rd, Sheffield, S10 4QZ

Small free car park on the northwest corner of the upper reservoir or layby parking down the round the road on the right.
Alternative, start the walk further round the loop by parking on the road at layby near Wyming Brook Farm or Upper Burbage car park.

Public transport

Nearest train station: Hathersage train station (2 mile/3 km)

You would need to walk up to Stanage Edge from Hathersage to join the loop, adding a couple of miles to your walk.

Bus stops on the A57 at Wyming Brook Drive or Holme farm on the number 273 bus from Sheffield. Pick up the walk shortly before or after the first trig at Rod Moor.

Facilities on the walk

There are no public toilets available at the start of the walk at Redmires Reservoir.

There are two pubs on the Redmires Road, The Three Merry Lads and The Sportsman Lodge Moor, depending on which way you drive, perfect for after your walk.

Upper Burbage Bridge
Look out for the food van near Upper Burbage Edge

Often there is a food van and an ice-cream van parked up at Upper Burbage Bridge

Water on your walk – I recommend a filter water bottle for your Peak District walks, it saves you carrying extra weight and you can fill up safely and drink water from the streams on your walk.

Other useful information

The first trig lies on Access Land, this allows for permissible public access. However, the path isn’t on the maps, follow the guidance given below.

The footpaths through the Wyming Brook Nature Reserve can be steep in places with some exposed tree roots. Take care with footing in these areas.

Also, through the disused quarries at Fulwood Booth and Brown Edge there are remnants of historic mine works. There are loose shale/slag mounds and some open workings, stick to the path where possible.

Peak District weather

Check the weather for your walk location and hills

Ordnance Survey Walk Map

The map for this walk is OL1 – Peak District (Dark Peak Area). Check prices here with Ordnance Survey or Amazon

And don’t forget your compass, I recommend the Silva Expedition compass

For online maps, you can get via OS Online App or Viewranger App.

Check prices here for the one month or yearly option with OS Online App. 


Stanage Edge trig point walk route

Stage 1 – Upper Redmires Reservoir to Rod Moor

Distance: 2.6 miles/4.2 km

Grid reference SK 25626 85656

From the car park, take the path that runs adjacent to it to the north. Follow it along the undulating terrain of Hallam Moor for about 1 km, cross a stone bridge and head over a stile. Ahead you will see the high ground of Rod Moor. The trig stands to the right of the small copse of trees on the ridge line.

Head Stone rocks near Rod Moor
Head Stone rocks near Rod Moor

Continuing down the track across the moorland for around 600 m until you cross a path leading off to the left. A short 250 m out and back from this point takes you to the Head Stone, a distinctive outcrop of Peak District gritstone with great views down the valley.

Returning to the path, drop down into the trees at the bottom of the valley where a footbridge carries you over Rivelin Brook. Continue on the first path to the northeast, upward to the A57 road at Hollow Meadows. Carefully cross the road and follow the pavement on the other side toward the stile to the right.

Follow the footpath as it turns northward again as it passes through three fields and climbs up to Rod Side Road. Turn right along the road to the driveway on the left 100 m further on. Doubling back on yourself head up the footpath along the driveway, past the farmhouse and below the copse of trees you saw from a distance earlier.

100 m beyond the farmhouse the path bears north as it approaches the high ground of the moor. At this point, the moor becomes access land and a permissive route to the right should be visible heading toward the upper edge of the copse.

At the tree line, a gate allows you access to the moorland. A little way beyond the edge of the trees stands the Rod Moor trig pillar, the first stop on the route.

Rod Moor trig pillar
Rod Moor trig pillar

Stage 2 – Rod Moor Trig to Redmires Road

Distance: 3 miles/4.8 km

Grid reference SK 26268 88414

Retrace your steps back to the Road Side Road (the old route now has a barbed wire fence blocking the way from the Open Access Land). Turn left and walk up the road for about 1 km until you come across a signposted footpath heading south along a track.

Follow the path across the first field, it bears right in the second down across a slope before following the right-hand boundary down into the next field. Continue across three fields until you encounter a tree line at Swinglee Farm. Bear right here and follow the path down farms driveway to the A57.

Turn right along the pavement and cross the road a few metres along when the footpath opposite begins. Follow the path into the Wyming Brook Nature Reserve and down the Rivelin brook. Go over the bridge and follow the path as it loops around to the left following the brook eastward.

Views from Bridge Brook
Rivelin Bridge over Hollow Meadows Brook

The path loops to the around to the south and west before looping back to the south-east at Reddicar Clough. Here a footpath cuts off to the north up into the trees. A short but steep climb to path bears left and follows the undulating terrain along the edge of the trees.

After roughly 500 m, it opens out into the lower moorland of Mare Folds and turns south, tracking the tree line below to the left. After 300 m, the path drops steeply back into the trees and picks up the Wyming Brook. There are several paths you can take here as the brook opens out, but they all lead down to the Redmires Road.

Stage 3 – Redmires Road to The Ox Stones

Distance: 2.5 miles/4 km

Grid reference SK 26889 85810

From whichever path you emerge turn left and follow the road up the hill to the junction with Soughly Lane. Turn right here and head up the lane for 100 m.

Take the second footpath on the left that head up the rise and cuts diagonally across the field to cross the lane again further south. Follow the path on the other side as it rises up the hill through two fields to the track at the top.

Turn left and follow it for 120 m before turning right up through the disused quarry. After 100 m the path turns left and winds between the shale heaps toward Fulwood Head Road.

Follow the lane south for 700 m as it bears around to left. Eventually, you will come to the entrance to Brown Edge Farm on the right-hand side of the road. Take the signposted footpath south down the driveway.

Follow the path for 650 m through the farm and up to the right out the other side, eventually coming to a gate. Turn left after passing the gate and follow the path through the earthworks of the disused Brown Edge Quarries. First head southeast then southward, climbing across the moorland toward the right-hand edge of Lady Canning’s Plantation at the Ringinglow Road.

Cross the road and head through the gate on the other side. Shortly after the gate, there is a path on the right heading off the main track that heads upward onto the moorland.

Take this path and follow the meandering route as it winds it’s way up to the Ox Stones. From the stones a short way down a path to the left heading towards the trees lies the Ox Stones trig pillar, the second trig of the route.

Ox Stones trig point
Ox Stones trig point

Stage 4 – The Ox Stones to Stanage Edge

Distance: 2 miles/3.3 km

Grid reference SK 28019 83131

From the trig, head back towards the Ox Stones, taking time to admire the views from the giant gritstone tors. Beyond the stones, a path leads off to the west across the moor.

The main path leads down to the road, but before it bears right towards the road a small path leads off to the southwest running parallel with the road towards Upper Burbage Bridge. (If you don’t feel confident following this faint path through the heather you can head to the road and follow it down to the same point).

The path route brings you out a little way along the edge. However, so you need to turn northwest towards the car park here. If you’re not taking the road route, there are two small stream crossings to tackle here which can be difficult after a lot of rain. Heading up to the road can easily bypass these.

Footpath up to Stanage Edge
Footpath up to Stanage Edge

From the Upper Burbage Bridge car park walk 150 m west and cross the road to the footpath on the other side. Follow the path to the foot of the rise and head up the short scramble that brings you up to the southern end of Stanage Edge.

A short way from the top of the climb you wind your way through the boulders and up to the trig point of Stanage, the third and final pillar of the walk.

Stanage Edge trig point
Stanage Edge trig point

Stage 5 – Stanage Edge to Redmires Reservoir

Distance: 2.5 miles/4 km

Grid reference SK 25097 83002

From the trig, follow the path northwest and it tracks along the edge of the gritstone escarpment. You can find some of the best views of the Peak District from these vantage points, so take the time to stop and soak it in.

Around 900 m on from the trig, you can find the fantastic Robin Hood’s Cave hidden at the back of a small shelf set down from the main edge. Keep an eye out for it as it is easily missed. Check out some more Peak District cave walks here.

Rocks and views
Way to Robin Hood’s Cave

As you walk along, if you pull your eyes from the amazing views out from the edge, turning them back to the north across the moor you will see the distinctive Stanage Pole landmark standing on the high ground of the moor.

About 1.8km along the edge from the trig a path will head off to the right, across the east of the moor, following this path from around 700 m brings you up to Stanage Pole.

Stanage Pole in Peak District
Stanage Pole

(You now stand on the county boundary between Derbyshire and South Yorkshire. The pole has stood since around 1550 denoting this transitional points between district authorities.)

Following the path to the northeast beyond the pole, you begin to descend. Pick up the tree line on your left as the path winds its way down to the Redmires Reservoir. Follow the road north along the head of the reservoir back to the car park and the end of the walk.

Do you have any more questions about this walk, maybe what to wear on your hike or any other questions? Ask me in the comments below.

Other options for this walk

Extend the walk

Rocks and green hills
High Neb trig point on Stanage Edge

You can add a fourth trig point onto this walk by doing a 2 mile/3 km out and back from Stanage Edge. At the point on the walk where you head off to Stanedge Pole keep walking along Stanage Edge until you reach High Neb trig point (SK 22805 85330) and then return back to continue your walk.

(You can see on the map above).

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