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Please note – all recommendations are based on hiking items I personally use or close hiking friends use, therefore they only represent brands/products I use.

If you are struggling with a specific query please get in touch and I will try to help.

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Hiking footwear

Are you new to hiking and not sure what footwear you should buy or maybe looking to upgrade your hiking gear?

Firstly, you don’t need to spend lots to get kitted out for the first time but it’s important to get decent footwear to keep you safe and dry whilst hiking.

There are two options to consider when looking at what footwear:

  1. Type of footwear – Hiking boots, hiking shoes or trail shoes
  2. Waterproof or not waterproof

To help you answer these questions think about what hikes you will be doing and what time of year you will be doing.

  • Will you be hiking up rocky mountains or low-level hill paths?
  • Are you planning on hiking in all weathers including rain, snow, sleet and hail?
  • Do you have any ankle or foot injuries that you need to protect?
  • Will you be hiking in the summer or winter months?

If in doubt, feel free to get in touch with me or alternatively pop into your local outdoor store – I recommend Cotswolds or Ellis Brigham but there are plenty of others with experienced staff.

Hiking footwear

Hiking clothes

When you first start hiking, there are a couple of essential items to make your trip more enjoyable and one of those is a waterproof jacket. However, much you try to plan walks in the UK on sunny days the rain sometimes has a tendency to arrive unplanned.

In addition, to your waterproofs having warm layers and lightweight hiking gear is a good idea but don’t panic if you don’t have everything when you first start.

I also find when I’m hiking pockets are handy for snacks, phone and tissues so it’s worth getting something with decent sized pockets!

Things not to wear

Along with the best things to wear there are a few items that I would recommend not wearing.

  • Jeans or denim – if it gets wet it can be heavy and uncomfortable to hike in
  • Cotton – any cotton t-shirts aren’t breathable + also again if they get wet they won’t dry.

(Below you’ll find options for male and female hiking clothes)

Hiking clothes

Berghaus Paclite 2.0

Mountain Equipment Nando

Coming soon


Women’s Berghaus Paclite waterproof trousers

Women’s Berghaus Deluge waterproof trousers


Men’s Berghaus Paclite waterproof trousers

Men’s Berghaus Deluge waterproof trousers

Hiking gear

One of the most important items you’ll need for hiking is a backpack, although the size will depend on the type of hikes you’ll be doing.

For a beginner, going hiking in the summer months you can get away with a smaller pack but then for winter hiking, you want to be prepared with a few other items. A backpack between 20-35 litres is perfect for a day hike.

However, if you are planning long-distance walks or overnight camping trips then a larger backpack might be needed. Again in summer months, you have lighter gear, whereas, in winter, you’ll have heavier items (to keep you warm!)

The other essential item I take on all my hikes is a filter water bottle, this saves me from carrying extra (and heavy) water on longer hikes and I can safely fill up my bottle at streams on the walk.

Hiking gear + gadgets

I hope you found that useful but if you have any specific hiking gear questions then get in touch via email or social media and I will try to help.