Chrome Hill + Parkhouse Hill Walk (+ Scramble) From Hollinsclough | 5-Mile Route

Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill walk

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Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill are two classic Peak District hills that you definitely need to add to your walking bucket list!

This short circular walk has stunning views both on the approach and from the summit of the two hills. And if you’re lucky you might even spot a dragon… Chrome Hill is known as the ‘Dragon’s Back of the Peak District’.

The route goes up Parkhouse Hill which includes a short scramble section to reach the ridgeline of the hill. Read more in ‘Other Information’ to see if this walk is for you (includes details for alternative non-scramble route).

From Hollinsclough village in Staffordshire, you head across fields, with Chrome Hill in your sights at the beginning and end of the approach. The route takes you along the length of Chrome Hill for the complete experience!

You continue from the top of the hill down the other side to the road. Then it’s up the fun short scramble section to Parkhouse Hill summit before descending down and looping back towards Hollinsclough village.

Here you will find all the walk details of this 5-mile route, including how to get to the start of the walk, parking details, map, GPX, information about the route, plus a detailed step by step guide of the walk.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve done this walk and what you think!

Chrome Hill + Parkhouse Hill walk from Hollinsclough

Chrome Hill
Start of the walk with views of both hills

Walk information

Walk type: Short circular walk

Distance: 4.6 miles/7.3 km

Walk time: 2.5-3 hours

Total ascent: 418 m/1,371 ft

Highest point: 425 m/1,394 ft

Walk highlights: Views of Chrome Hill at the beginning, walk along Chrome Hill ridge and the iconic ‘Peak District Dragon’s Back’, scramble up Parkhouse Hill and views from both summits.

Stiles: Yes

GPX file

Chrome Hill + Parkhouse Hill walk map

Peak District map - Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill
Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill walk map
Click for online map here

Walk start point

Start grid reference: SK 06509 66529

Address: Hollisclough Village, Hollinsclough Rake, Buxton, SK17 0RQ – Google location pin

This is free street parking. Please note this is a small village so please be considerate of the residents. There are a few car spaces opposite the village church and also some more spaces further up the road near the red phone box.

Public transport

Unfortunately, there are no suitable public transport options for this walk from this location 

Facilities on the walk

There are no public toilets available at the start of the walk at Hollinsclough or at any point on the walk.

The nearest toilets are at Longnor (about 2 miles down the road). In the Derbyshire village of Longnor, there is a small car park and public toilets available.

Alternatively, in the village of Earl Sterndale, (10 minutes drive), there’s a pub called The Quiet Woman where you can stop for refreshments and facilities after your walk.

Other useful information

This walk from Hollinsclough is relatively easy to follow, especially on a clear day as you can see the hills from most angles. However, I recommend you take a map and compass on all your walks (see below).

There are some parts of the walk that are steep and can be slippy – worth making sure you have the right footwear for this walk! I love my Salomon XA Pro 3D – which you can get in both waterproof (Goretex) and non-waterproof options (both currently on sale at Cotswold Outdoor).

Parkhouse Hill Scramble

Scramble route
Scramble route up Parkhouse Hill

This walk includes a short scramble section up Parkhouse Hill, the smaller of the two hills, in fact, from the start of the walk it looks tiny! The scramble up the hill is not overly technical but in wet weather, it can be extremely slippy as the route is loose dirt and rocky which can become more tricky when it’s raining (or has been raining).

You can opt to hike up the left-hand side on the grassy section and do a switchback to reach the ridge path. However, this will also become slippy in wet weather.

My recommendation is to pick a dry day for this walk to enjoy it properly!

Check the weather for your walk location and hills.

Ordnance Survey Walk Map

The map required for this Hollinsclough walk is OL24 – Peak District (White Peak Area)

Check prices here with Ordnance Survey, you can buy a standard map or a waterproof one. (Standard one you’ll need a mat case, like this one too). You can sometimes find cheaper deals on Amazon, but the Ordnance Survey website sometimes has discounts for buying more than one map! 

And don’t forget your compass. I recommend the Silva Expedition compass, it’s more expensive but a valuable piece of kit or alternatively, there’s a cheaper version Silva Classic Compass.

For online maps, you can get via OS Online App or Viewranger App.

Check prices here for the one month or yearly option with OS Online App. 


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Chrome Hill + Parkhouse Hill walk route

Stage 1 – Hollinsclough to Chrome Hill

Distance: 2.4 miles/3.8 km

Grid reference SK 06509 66529

Gate and wall
Gate at the start of the walk

From the main road through Hollinsclough Village, (facing the church), walk left up Hollinsclough Rake road, after about 200 metres go through the small gate signposted public footpath. From here look right for wonderful views of Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill nestled at the end of the ridge.

The path heads downhill to a small stream, cross the footbridge and through the metal gate and turn left along the faint track towards the trees. The path heads uphill and joins a wider track, turn left and walk until you reach a wider gate. Go through and follow the wider track between the wall and gorse bushes.

Gorse bushes and track
Track heading towards the farm

Walk along the track, past a house and you’ll see a farmhouse and buildings (Booth Farm). The track brings you out onto a road, go over the cattle grid, up the road and over the wooden stile on the right.

Continue walking across a few fields, through three sets of gates heading towards the drystone wall. At the wall, there’s a faded sign pointing back towards Booth Farm and one that says ‘Concession Path’ (all you can read is C Path).

Bear right here and keep to the boundary wall as you walk across the next couple of fields, through another three wooden gates. As you go through the third gate head downhill at the wooden signpost. You’ll now have wonderful views of Chrome Hill from here.

Gate and views towards Chrome Hill
Gate and views towards Chrome Hill

Keep walking until you reach a gate and another signpost for ‘Concession Path’. Follow the narrow track towards Chrome Hill, go through the next gate then turn left and head uphill to the ridge of Chrome Hill. A steep rocky section of the walk so take your time.

Dirt and rocky path
Dirt and rocky path up to Chrome Hill ridge

Follow the narrow path along the ridge of Chrome Hill. You can opt for the lower path that winds around the small bumps or if you’re feeling more adventurous then go up and over! Look out for a couple of small caves as you hike up to the top. And before you know it you’ll be at the summit 425 m/1,394 ft.

Stage 2 – Chrome Hill to Parkhouse Hill (scramble)

Distance: 0.7 miles/1.1 km

Grid reference SK 07073 67305

From Chrome Hill summit, once you’ve taken your photos, continue walking along the ridge now heading towards Parkhouse Hill, which hopefully, on a clear day you can see.

Grassy hill and tree
Grassy descent from Chrome Hill looking towards Parkhouse Hill

There’s a narrow single track that takes you down from the top, one of the parts of the walk that can be slippy as it’s a steep descent. Head down towards the tree then through a gate onto an undulating section of the route down (also known as the Dragon’s Back).

At the bottom go over a wooden stile and across the road. From here you have two options to ascend Parkhouse Hill, in front of you, there’s a large triangle-shaped rock formation.

Rocky base of Parkhouse Hill
Start of the scramble up Parkhouse Hill

To the right of this where there are a few small trees and bushes, there’s a scramble option. And to the left, there’s a grassy switchback route up. 

The scramble route is a short steep ascent, with loose dirt and rocky terrain. Begin on the rough track and follow the route up, using the rocks as handholds on the way up. The trickier section is closer to the top as you go up towards the beginning of Parkhouse Hill ridge.

There’s a lower track that leads up to the summit or you can opt for a more adventurous route over the rocky ridgeline. 

Views from Parkhouse Hill to Chrome Hill
Views from Parkhouse Hill to Chrome Hill

Stage 3 – Parkhouse Hill to Hollinsclough

Distance: 1.5 miles/2.3 km

Grid reference SK 07989 66957

After enjoying the views from Parkhouse Hill you now continue in the same direction but now heading downhill. There’s a narrow path that takes you down from the summit which switches back and forth for a more gentle decline from the top.

Near the bottom you’ll then see a gate in the corner, so you can head straight down directly towards this once you feel comfortable. Walk towards the next small gate then head diagonally across towards the road with Parkhouse Hill on your right. 

Chrome Hill sign on way back to Hollinsclough
Sign on way back to Hollinsclough

Walk along the road through the stone pillars and over the cattle grid, shortly after there’s a ford (and also a footbridge) keep walking and bear left then over another cattle grid and turn right onto the road which will take you back to Hollinsclough village

Let me know if you have any questions about the Chrome Hill + Parkhouse Hill walk in the comments.

More options for this walk

Shorten the walk

Signpost to Hollinsclough
Signpost to Hollinsclough

Not ready to do the Parkhouse Hill section of the walk yet? You can simply continue on the road from the bottom of Chrome Hill, following the signpost for Hollinsclough. You’ll walk along the road (or next to) and around to pick up the route back to Hollinsclough near the stone posts and cattle grid (stage 3 of the walk).

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Have you done the Chrome Hill walk, let me know any feedback in the comments.

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